The purpose of SIGTYP is to promote the study of linguistic typology in the ACL community and to provide members of the ACL with a means of exchanging news of recent research developments in linguistic typology and multilingual NLP. SIGTYP also organizes an annual workshop collocated with a *ACL conference.

Annual Workshop at NAACL 2021

We are organizing our annual workshop co-located at NAACL 2021 (June 10). The workshop is specifically aimed at raising awareness of linguistic typology and its potential in supporting and widening the global reach of multilingual NLP, as well as at introducing computational approaches to linguistic typology. Schedule is now available. Sign up here

Monthly Newsletter

Each month, various members of SIGTYP will endeavour to summarize recent papers that focus on these topics. The papers or scholarly works that we review are selected to reflect a diverse set of research directions. They represent works that the editors found to be interesting and wanted to share. Given the fast-paced nature of research in our field, we find that brief summaries of interesting papers are a useful way to cut the wheat from the chaff.

We expressly encourage people working in computational typology and multilingual NLP to submit summaries of their own research, which we will collate, edit and announce on SIGTYP’s website. Please email us with the summary of your paper if you want your paper to be featured in our newsletter.

Online Lecture Series


SIGTYP is starting a online lecture series. Our upcoming lecturer is Maria Ryskina who will speak on Informal Romanization across Languages and Scripts. The event will be held over Zoom on Jun 18th at 17:00 UTC. Sign up here.


Upcoming and Past Events